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Vimalssonic Assembly Automation specialises in the following:

Vimalssonic Automation Solutions - Complete automated assembly systems and specialised machinery
Plastic component assembly joining solution
custom Design & development installation of your final assemble product Augmented assembly solution
Vimalssonic Vision Inspection Solutions - Turnkey solutions for a wide range of applications such as quality control checks, OCR, and barcode reading. Conveyor system feeders, and hopper elevator systems in a range of designs.
Vimalssonic is a manufacturer, among other things! Vimalssonic has quality supplier partners and control, design, assembly, and testing facilities in Pune, India, as well as a network of sales and service .
Everyone involved in the manufacture of your parts is trained & certified. Robust processes and SOPs are in place to ensure that your parts are manufactured to exacting standardise 9001 Vimalssonic have strict quality requirements for our partners, and we have several quality assurance specialists on our team who double-check the quality of parts before they are shipped.
We understand that long-term business success can only be accomplished by providing high-quality machinery that meets the needs of the customer.
When we have established that we are a good fit for your needs, Vimalssonic will ask your RFQ information on the component specifications, samples & drawings, and design requirements to prepare Feasibility study.
Every user is assigned a dedicated Vimalssonic sales engineer who can assist you with any questions you have about the platform, your quote, or your order. We also have a "chat box" on the website, and all of your requests are routed to the appropriate people.
Vimalssonic work as team For complete study & Concept finalization ,The length of time it takes to develop a quotation is determined by the complexity of the requirements and the level of detail provided by the customer. Within week we can present you detailed quote .
Vimal sonic is India's leading company with extensive knowledge in handling components; we also provide specialized joining , rivet, punch, welding of plastic component ,handling systems. Vimalssonic can supplement assembly automation solution as per product requirement after post mounding to finish product We have also worked on robotic and vision inspection applications.
Vimalssonic serves a wide range of industries like Automotive, Electronic, engineering industry but we specialize in plastic molded components, metal components, casting components, electronic printed circuit components industry with assembly automation solution
Vimalssonic Have capacity to build equipment Depending on the scope of supply, all of our equipment comes with either a CE or UL Certificate of Incorporation.
Vimalssonic our equipment is thoroughly tested in-factory with internal trial trial with customer . Our internal testing procedures are a perfect replica of each client's Trial requirements. The complete documentation package includes a list of all test procedures that have been documented.
Vimalssonic Every machine will come with a comprehensive operating manual that contains Risk Assessments (where appropriate), an operation flow chart, a maintenance schedule, a list of essential spare parts, papers for the CE mark if applicable , third-party warranty information, electrical drawings, and software diagrams.
Yes. Vimalssonic offers equipment with the approvals and certifications required to satisfy the requirements of the current international markets for industrial machinery, including the European CE mark and US and Canadian-based standards CSA/UL.
Sure, vimalssonic team will be there .
Our machines are exported to more than three countries by Vimalssonic Team. We handle all export documentation and international shipping in-house.
On Vimalssonic website, the Products page links to Complete product literature, and the Information page links to product specification sheets with operation guides and Feature For more details, you may also get in touch with us directly. We are there solve your doubt.
Refer to the quotation.
Packing and delivery charges are not included in the price but can be quoted. TAX will be charged at the current rate at the time of shipment. Our sales terms and conditions contain all of the pertinent information.
On all Vimalssonic products, our warranty period begins on the date of delivery. The warranty for any third-party supplied items incorporated within the equipment will be passed on to the Customer by Vimalssonic. Our sales terms and conditions contain all of the pertinent information. Standard warranties are valid for 12 months.
An existing or new manufacturing process' automation can result in a number of advantages, including better procedures and processes, reduced waste, time and cost savings, improved health and safety, increased quality and efficiency, and—most importantly—upskilling of the current workforce.
Throughout the process, the vimalssonic team is your sole point of contact. Our experienced team of mechanical engineers can assist you with any questions or progress of project on weekly basis.
Vimalssonic knows Today's industry faces unprecedented challenges. Product life cycles are now shorter, batch sizes are smaller, and product upgrades are ongoing. We are in expertise in plastic joining process, as well as poka yoke, vision, testing equipment’s In response to this environment, vimalssonic has created a suite of automation solutions that are adaptable enough to meet these challenges. Design by vimalssonic Solutions that can handle multiple products and product additions with high efficiency and have simple and quick changeover to minimize downtime.
Vimalssonic are there to sign NDA & to secure customer data Our manufacturing partners work under an NDA that explicitly states that no sharing is permitted, so all files uploaded are safely encrypted.

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