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Automotive, Electronics, Engineering, Toys, Kitchenware, White Goods, Medical


12 to 14 Weeks (After Approval)


Sequential Assembly, Pressing, Vision, Assembly, Poka-yoke, Testing


Semi Automatic, Fully Automatic


Metal Parts, Plastic Components, Electronics Parts

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Vimalsonic Assembly Solutions offers industrial automation solutions to aid businesses in enhancing OEE, effectiveness, and productivity. We provide a variety of fully automated assembly line solutions and have more than 14 years of experience in the automotive electronics, toys, Medicare, and packing industries. Companies use the Vimalsonic Manufacturing Automation process to lower their manufacturing costs. The final product's quality and time to market are also improved.
Assembly line automation is a quickly expanding industry that has a variety of effects on other sectors. It covers every step needed to put together an inspected and assembled product in a shorter amount of time and with less human interpretation.
We conduct research, develop, and build automated production lines for the manufacturing industry. These are for the quicker, more efficient, and less interpretive end-to-end manufacturing of parts. From receiving raw materials through stamping, machining, and finishing to final inspection and packaging, this includes all processes required to deliver an assembled and examined product.
The Vimalsonic technology platform for vision enhancement and computation can be automated, reconfigured, and deployed on other parts of the line. The flexible automation offered by the Vimalsonic solution enhances your traceability and quality checks. We can automate assembly to give you a return on your investment.

Features Of Assembly Line Automation

•   We can help you to produce error-free production with manufacturing 4.0.
•   Processes are reliably executed by automation.
•   Track and trace every unit produced so it is easier to understand where breakdowns in
    efficiency occur.
•   High production rate with uniformity in the product specification.
•   Daily production goal achieved.
•   Automatic lubrication.
•   Preventative maintenance alerts.
•   Save time and money with automation.
•   Reliable, efficient and accurate assembly line automation


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