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Vimalsonic heat staking equipment to connect two pieces made of different materials is advantageous because ultrasonically welding cannot typically be used to join them. No matter how little or large your order is, we can provide a hot riveting system for your business.
Numerous alternative connection techniques are presently used in producing to hold elements intact. Permanent connections can be made with common fasteners like bolts, screws, and rivets, but there are other connection techniques that don't necessitate the use of additional equipment. Heat staking is one of the ways that does not require any extra attachments. Here's why we provide heat staking as an anchoring technique for our action processes.

The term "Heat Staking" refers to what exactly it is?

Heat staking is a method of joining two different parts by heating the base polymer into a form that will retain the additional element. It's a technique of permanent connection that doesn't call for the use of any extra materials like adhesives or solvents. The only additions are heat and a tool for shaping the polymer to make the mechanical interlocking, which are both used to melt the plastic.

Features Of Heat Staking

●    Although each machine is custom built for its specific application, the following information details typical machine features.
●    Rugged, tubular steel frame construction using the highest quality components
●    Safety guarding
●    HMI /MMI process controls provide easy setup and repeatability of control.
●    Quick disconnect heater elements
●    Palm buttons and emergency stop
●    Controlled airflow
●    Heater Burnout Alarms (optional)
●    Closed loop systems for process monitoring (optional)
●    Light Screens for protection (optional)
●    Touch Screens (optional)
●    Digital timer for weld time and post-cool
●    Auto & Manual Setup mode head down for probe alignment with component
●    Prewired and pre-programmed for optional slide kits, post-cool, and fixture clamping.
●    LVDT for slide confirmation (optional)


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