Vimal Sonic provided more than 1260+ automation solutions.
Vimal distinguished itself for strong commitment, first time right hand holding, comprehensive technical solutions using latest technologies, efficient project management &validation methods.
A steady growth throughout the years allowed Vimal group to become a most preferred & role model brand in custom automated solution provider for metal welding, plastic welding, & assembly lines in sectors Automotive, Electrical & Electronics, Healthcare, Kitchen wares, Sanitary wares, Toys, White goods, Engineering & many more.
We maintain the highest quality of products with a team of highly experienced and committed team that makes sure that all defined quality systems are adhered to, during process of manufacturing.
Our Success lies in fulfilling customers changing and demanding expectations and accepting new challenges with continues improvement in our products & services.
We gauge our success by how long we retain our customers. Our business strategy is not to sell a one-off package, but to create and maintain a long-term, customer relationship.
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