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The Vimalsonic group is a pioneer in the development of industrial welding equipment, and with more than ten years of expertise in this field, we have been offering our clients specialized solutions.

The hot plate welding machine is a thermoplastic welding tool that melts the surface of the thermoplastic workpiece being welded using the surface thermal conduction method. It can also be used to melt and join refractory work pieces like urea tanks, filler neck, washer tanks, oil tanks, clutch tanks, fuel tanks, fuel filters, air filters, radiator tanks, pipes welding, flush tank, oil cans, automotive filters, battery, tail lamp, headlamp etc.

The capacity of Vimalsonic to create ergonomic and durable vimalsonic hot plate welding machines with a focus on crucial factors, such as melt time, temperature, transition, weld time, melt depth, and melt force for welding applications of huge dimensions and complicated geometries, enables unmatched quality component welding with a high degree of repeatability.

Hot plate welding is the process of joining two parts of a plastic component using a heated plate. Hot plate welding, also known as mirror, platen, or butt welding, is used for welding injection-molded components, for example in automotive applications, and extensively in joining plastic.

Plastic welding using the hot plate method involves three sequential stages namely surface preparation, application of heat and pressure, and cooling.

The parts to be welded are pressed on a preheated plate for a predefined time for sufficient plastic material to melt. Then the heated plate is withdrawn and the slightly melted surface of the two parts is pressed together to form a joint. Plastic welding using hot plate welding is useful where plastic parts have complex geometries, like curved surfaces and internal walls or any irregular shapes. This process is employed where both high-strength joints and hermetic seals are required.

Features Of Hot Plate Welding 

•    Operation Based On the Pneumatic, Hydraulic & Servo Actuator.
•    Unique Rack System coordinates tool platen motion.
•    Individual temperature zones individuals heated plates.
•    Touch screen interface with all digital timing Controls mounted on space-saving pendant arm Manual-close auto-open door.
•    Door closure initiates the cycle.
•    Fully adjustable hot plate carrier.
•    Fully enclosed cabinet with exhaust fans.
•    Interior work light.
•    Numerous large access doors with keyed hardware Pneumatic system in a lockable cabinet.
•    Separate pressure controls for melt and seal Vacuum part retention system
•    Generate individuals cycles data.
•    All data import on the master system.


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