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End-of-line systems are an essential component of manufacturing and guarantee product quality prior to delivery to the consumer. Our skilled team members have designed EOL systems to include cutting-edge technology to inspect and verify that products have been correctly assembled and operate within predetermined parameters. The end result is a dependable product that meets high-quality standards and is delivered to the customer.

Vimalssonic EOL systems are designed to monitor and test the operation of car electronic control units, mechanical parts, and associated systems. For large test volumes, high test completion, and low system upgrade costs, our systems are critical factors. EOL testing is required to ensure that the products we use are safe and trustworthy. It also contributes to waste reduction by discovering defects before they become a problem.

Our technology simulates actual conditions and delivers accurate, repeatable test results in a real-world setting. Before a product leaves the facility, our solutions run hundreds of tests in a matter of minutes, serving as the last line of defense.

End-of-line testing is a procedure used to assure that automobile assemblies are defect-free. Parts are assessed against a set of standards in an EOL test. Parts that meet or exceed standards are deemed to be in compliance, whereas those that do not meet specifications are considered faulty.

Features Of EOL


•    Highly precise testing of each parameter
•    Track & record all Parameter of each part
•    End-user safety and satisfaction 
•    High reliability of your end Product
•    Less human interpretation


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