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Vimalssonic is a design and development company that manufactures servo presses, hydraulic presses, hydro-pneumatic presses, and pneumatic presses. Because of this capability, we have already handled so many metal & plastic component for custom operation as per customer need hence to meet our customers' Standard and Custom requirements and specifications, we can manage to build press operation processes such as punching or piercing, component assembly, stamping, embossing, and rivet operation.
Our highly qualified and skilled engineers are constantly developing innovations to ensure the efficiency of all of our presses. 

Vimalssonic C-Frame Press

A Vimalssonic press with a C-frame is utilized for metal forming, straightening, blanking, punching, drawing, and riveting, each of which needs pressure and precision. suitable for small to mid-sized facilities C-frame presses can be controlled either manually or automatically. They are super quick, sturdy, and precise. Their applications include assembling, press fitting, and bending operations, and Custom use with stable design concepts among others.

Vimalssonic H-Frame Press

four columns or four-piler structures can implement significant force to any size workpiece. They can be single- or dual-cylinder, depending on the requirements of the production line. With four-column presses, a logically centralized scheme with semi-automatic cycling, customizable force, and different compression speeds is used. They are used for trimming, die cutting, stamping, and deep drawing, among other things. Used for tasks or applications that require coining, crimping, bending, punching, 
and trimming. 
The welded frame of an H-frame press allows it to perform a wide range of operations. The frame, press cylinder, and structure pump are all shaped like an "H," and they are used for a variety of tasks in repair shops, maintenance facilities, and production assembly lines. The force required will determine the actual cylinder stroke and operation parameters.

Electric Servo Press Vimalssonic

These presses are environmentally friendly and run on electricity. The electric servo press is more quiet and more efficient than traditional hydraulic and pneumatic presses. Concurrently, the electric servo press's energy consumption is reduced by 75-80%. Precision assembly and precision riveting are two applications of electric servo presses.

Features Of Press

•    Rugged Design/well-designed structures.
•    Advanced Controls using Touch Screen Panel with PLC Auto Operation.
•    Two hand safety operations for the operator.
•    Operator-friendly auto manual operations with manual setting buttons.
•    Light Curtains for Operator safety.
•    Component presence sensing.
•    Lock Out Tag outs for electrical & Pneumatic safety.
•    Best quality material for Dies & Punches with high accuracy manufacturing & heat treatment for long life.
•    Component resting on Nylon, PU, rubber-coated base fixtures to avoid scratch marks on components.
•    In-process inspection for assembly verification.
•    Optimized cycle time.
•    Precision depth control using Linear Scales.
•    Load cells for very accurate pressing loads.


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