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Metal Insert Pressings.


Semi-Automatic, Fully Automatic


Plastic Components, Electronics Parts, Medical Appliances

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We are experts in creating part-holding systems tailored to specific applications. Fixturing, which involves holding your components firmly and precisely during insertion, is essential to the functionality of your assembly equipment.

Manual insert loading into the plastic portion is necessary for semi-automatic insert drivers. When triggered, the machine's pneumatic action along with a programmable timer completes the installation of the Insert.

Automatic Insert Drivers come with everything they need. The Insert is fed to a shuttle device that places it immediately beneath the insertion quill while being oriented in a vibratory feeder. The exit bushing is attached to the shuttle by a retractable mechanism that places it as close to the part as is practical for insertion while remaining outside the way for both loading and unloading.

Features of Heat Insertion

•    Vision-based part presence detection.
•    Automatic identification of fixtures.
•    Motion customization for rotary or linear fixtures.
•    Security passwords for HMI screens.
•    Reset by a key switch.
•    Indicator lights for machine status.
•    Fault Warning on tower lamp & buzzer.


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