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Vimalsonic produces and offers Leak Test Machines of the highest caliber while keeping abreast of the most recent developments in this field. The delivered leak test machine is used to test or measure the amount of material seeping through the material over time. It was carefully developed by industry-established regulations. Leak test devices are in high demand due to their excellent efficiency.
The Dip Type Leakage Testing Machine System Includes The Equipment Frame, Water Reservoir, Parts Holding nest,  Plug Holders, Hole Plug Elastomeric Seals, Hole Tap Cylinders, Part Holding & Resting Structure, mechanical Pneumatic Components, Leak Tester, Controller For Activity, Two-handed User Security & Data Capture For Register Of Part Wise Leak Percentage And Fully automated Pass / Fail Marking.
Dry Type in Vimalsonic Pressure testing is another name for leak testing. From the very beginning, Vimalssonic may aid the customer by defining the allowable leakage rate, or leak limit, and then by developing and supplying the leak test equipment or test system. Customers can thus accurately identify how much a product is leaking. The simplest method for performing a leak test involves immersing the test object in water in a dip tank and looking for bubbles to determine where the leak is. Air decay leakage testing is a commonly used leak test method that is a good, affordable, and quantitative way to determine whether a measure of the ability. An effective, affordable, and quantitative technique for determining whether a product satisfies the stated leak limit is air decay leak testing. These types of equipment can range from manual loading to fully automatic manufacturing test facilities.


Features of Leak Testing


  1. Fully automated and configured to operate in both manual and auto mode.
  2. Fully automated Pass / Fail Marking.
  3. Rugged Design/well-designed structures.
  4. Advanced Controls using Touch Screen Panel with PLC Auto Operation.
  5. Two-hand safety operation for the operator.
  6. Operator-friendly auto manual operations with manual setting buttons.
  7. Light Curtains for Operator safety.
  8. Leak testing parameter stored in pen drive.
  9. Mechanical or electronics regulator provided for setting.
  10. Multiple program provisions are provided.
  11. Ensure testing of all desired parameters.

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