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Individuals make mistakes, and these faults may lead to defective goods. Poka-Yoke, popularly referred to as an error in judgment, is a technique for avoiding common work-related errors made by individuals. Shigeo Shingo, one of the IE engineers at Toyota, thought up the idea in the 1960s.

The adoption of Quality function deployment mechanisms, which make poor decisions in a given procedure nearly impossible, helps to eliminate errors. They also are relevant everywhere.

Vimalssonic Poka-yoke set-ups to seek to minimize potential places for human error. This indicates that nearly every business has a need for it. Every problem has a distinct answer. By adhering to a set of rules that direct us toward potential fixes, we can avoid getting such errors. Where poka-yoke can actually improve our procedures and output. When it comes down to the bare minimum, there are three categories of causes for errors.

Once we've identified the root cause, we can look for potential solutions. We can use various poka-yoke approaches, such as installing interlocks to prevent further operation after detecting an anomaly (control approach) or bringing it to the attention of the responsible person (warning approach).

Key Features and Advantages

•    Every component of Poka-Yoke detection
•    HMI and PLC control system
•    Contact for quality control with sensing Dot Part verification marking punch
•    Test part pneumatic clamping Barcode reader
•    Test for air pressure decay leakage
•    Detection of flashes and blockages
•    Implementation of Vision


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