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Automotive, Electronics, Engineering, Toys, Kitchenware, White Goods, Medical.


10 to 12 Weeks (After Approval)


Synchronous Production From One Station To Another.


Semi-Automatic, Fully Automatic.


Metal Parts, Plastic Components & Electronics Parts.

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Our services are created to maintain the highest levels of safety and social distancing while ensuring that your manufacturing operations continue uninterruptedly. By acting as the ideal intermediary between OEMs and contract manufacturers, we reduce the time required to define assembly tools, methods, and processes.

We are dedicated to offering customers a high-volume transfer line that satisfies their product requirements while staying within their budgetary, physical, and time constraints. This is accomplished by combining our top-notch technology, inventiveness, and high-quality production.

Vimalssonic machine manufactures high-accuracy transfer lines that fulfill the most stringent efficiency, quality, and flexibility requirements. These are at the heart of our manufacturing system.


Features Of Transfer Line

•    To minimize transportation distance and time of the product.
•    Optimum floor space used.
•    High production rate.
•    Reduced labor cost.
•    Reduced work-in-process.
•    Reduces disruptions to manufacturing operations.
•    Achieve specialization and integration of operations.


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