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We support you to build your automation setups ready for production, we complete our installation before your PPAP, always there for any kind of help in part quality improvement.
We have experience in designing and engineering custom solutions for your most complex automation needs.
We handle every project from start to finish under one roof.

" Whether you want to join press, fasten, rivet, weld & inspect your parts together. We can create a custom assembly automation solution for your application."

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We serve you in six simple Step

Opportunity Evolution

Machine Concept Proposal

Approval and Project Launch

Design and Manufacture




Vimalssonic design and R&D team make every project with thought of aesthetics, logic, and technology. Every project is handled as per the final product aesthetic with high efficiency and precision through Design analysis.

We possess the technical aptitude and industry expertise necessary to quickly create a product in accordance with the specifications needed to validate an idea or prototype.



Vimalssonic Manufacturing offers quality as per design for custom solutions or equipment and technology for electromechanical components as well as we are having a supplier base that constantly supports us for on-time delivery and the processes necessary for each and every component while ensuring accuracy.

Machinery ASSEMBLY

Vimalssonic has a highly skilled technical staff, which includes engineers and technicians with the best Electrical and mechanical assembly skills our experts concentrate on the following areas: critical assembly of components, design dimensions of assembly and component, quality assembly procedures, verification and validation of each project, Testing of the safety of equipment also Each machine needs a unique configuration of a program to perform particular operation It needs expert programming verification & validation skill.


Inspection & Quality

Vimalsonic inspects each and every component before and after each assembly stage. We have a complete set of quality inspection standard processes to ensure the quality of products delivered to the customer.


Vimalsonic understands that Nothing is more important than safety while operating the machine, we incorporate an Electro-Mechanical protective system in our design as per safety requirements. We concentrate on implementing safety interlocks and mechanical protective systems to ensure safe operating practices. we are flexible to adopt any safety compliance required of customers for their equipment.


Delivery Installation & Training

We use packaging that is suitable for transport and can be customized to meet the needs of the customer. In general, packaging norms which are required for export as well as in-country transportation we are having the capacity for same. Every piece of equipment can be delivered with a specific timeline which is already preset as the project timeline. Training & installation guide will provide with all equipment as well as we have an expert installation and training team for all types of equipment.


Vimalssonic is always there to serve customers. We strive to assist customers before, during, and after the sale. Customers can sense our attentive service during this process. As a manufacturer, we offer services
Pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales support
Service for spare parts and accessories. We strictly Adhere to the contract terms in accordance with the customization needs of the customer to ensure that each piece of machinery received by our client is completed to high-quality standards.



Customers have faith in us as we have over 2031+ success stories and experience in handling a large number of components for assembly, joining, and inspection. Well-known companies from various industries all over the world have chosen to work with us. We are here to serve you better.


Qualifications and Certifications

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